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The giver

Title Sequence

One of the things I struggle with as an artist is staying true to myself even if that means I feel I am doing something wrong. The 1993 young adult classic novel, The Giver, written by Louis Lowry, inspires me to explore my passions and go against the majority. This became the main idea in all aspects of producing this title sequence; by exploring the limits of Cinema 4D, and in concept. Metaphors were used to foreshadow the motifs of the story and the world in which the novel takes place.

One of the themes in the novel is isolation from your community; using all black colored balls except for one white to create division in the environment. The balls represent members of a community being placed in game-like situations where there is only one outcome. The white ball goes against the normal outcome and challenges the environment/community. The clean, sterile color pallet describes a society of no individuality or creativity, therefore fear of different views and colors prevents the community from growing.

The sequence was built out of many scenes in Cinema 4D and edited together in After Effects. All the scenes are built to be confrontational or as I said, force one outcome, similar to how the community is built in the story. I mostly enjoyed building the compositions in unique ways to enhance the battle between black and white. All of the scenes were animated simply with gravity and deliberate placement of the objects to ensure maximum conflict.

Software : Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D

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