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Street Dog

Haven't you always wondered what your dog looks like with his head stuck out the window? This was a fun experiment utilizing and practicing with GoPro technology to record just that. It was a learning experience to not only keep the GoPro from detaching off the side of the car, but working with a subject that does not listen or understand English.  

After editing the footage in Premiere, I took it one step further and played around with the color editing and ratio of the composition. I filmed around sunset when the street lights were just turning on and the traffic was light. This gave me the opportunity to really explore the saturation and the contrasting bluish-red hues in the light. Even though he was tired, Beau did a great job letting me capture his love for car rides. It was just another evening for us driving through midtown Savannah. 

Software : Adobe Premiere Pro

Equipment : GoPro 7 Series


Here are some shots of Beau before color editing.

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