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Pick-Up Lines

A Humorous typography Study

Based on the hilarious Cut Youtube video, 100 People Share Their Favorite Pick-Up Line, this type-based project features a variety of different type faces, illustrating the different personalities of each voice. Each pick-up line is perfectly synchronized to the audio and humorously animated to equal the attitude of the character. 

The main goal for this project was to explore the expressiveness of typography in motion; how to convey attitude and humor through type, and animate it in such a way that it flows. I was drawn to this audio not only because it's hilarious and awkward, but fast paced. I could envision many unique characteristics being shown just in type, and loved the diversity of every voice. I wanted to match each voice with the best typeface to describe that person, and animate it in as strange of a way as possible. 

Software : Adobe After Effects

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