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Re-branding logo animations


Seventh Heaven VR

Seventh Heaven VR is a tech start up dedicated to creating virtual reality experiences tailored for bedridden patients and their families. In their logo reveal, I wanted to showcase a few places across the world one could visit though the VR service. 


Their mission is to "utilize the strength of happiness to those who need it the most -- the elderly." 

The Container Store

The Container Store is a one of a kind department store dedicated to organization and designing custom spaces for all areas of your home. In their logo reveal, I wanted to highlight their simple design in a quick, efficient animation.

Catch phrase: "Where space comes from."



Sharpie is the largest manufacturer of markers, highlighters, and pens. The brand is all about inspiring creativity. In their logo reveal, I want to quickly showcase some examples of Sharpie art while the logo reveals in writing.

Catch phrase: "Create anything your mind can imagine for the world to see."

Cards against humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a hilarious adult card game known for its ability to bring out the offensive, ridiculous, and crude. In their logo reveal, I wanted to demonstrate a regular instance during a game.

Catch phrase: "A party game for horrible people."



Zoom is a video conference app that has suddenly become a necessary learning/work/life tool in society since the COVID-19 outbreak. In their logo reveal, I want to highlight its ability to easily allow multiple video calls at once, and bring people together from all over the world.

Catch phrase: "In this together. Keeping you connected wherever you are."

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is a small, growing Seattle based airline flying to locations all across the country. They are known for their affordable luxury travel and unique, friendly on-flight experiences. In their logo reveal, I wanted to seamlessly transition from an airplane into the type.

Catch phrase: "Elevating the journey of the modern traveler."

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