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Title Sequence

While the classic title sequence for Jaws is iconic; a diver recording their swim through the reef, imitating a shark, it does not quite match the intensity of the movie. This project gave me an opportunity to remake the sequence into something equally dark and terrifying as the soundtrack, and better foreshadow the mood of the story. This was my first dip into working with water, filming in the ocean, and creating my own (ocean) to manipulate. It was a challenging, but very rewarding experience that came useful in future projects. 

The driving force of this project was definitely the score. I wanted the visuals to reflect the ferocity and help invoke anxiety and suspense in the viewer, first establishing a dark, eery scene. Tybee Island was especially gloomy the afternoon of filming, which was perfect for the sequence. As the music picks up, the editing gradually cuts faster, bringing the viewer closer to the threat in the water, then eventually swimming with the shark.

The sequence was first developed with live action footage from a GoPro, then edited and color corrected in Premiere Pro, and transferred into After Effects where the titles were added. The titles underwater were animated to appear like they were fading through the water towards the viewer, similarly to how a shark would. 


The underwater footage was achieved by building the scene physically in a fish tank, mixing dirt and red food coloring, and placing a black backdrop behind the set to replicate the vast ocean.


Software : Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro

Equipment : GoPro 7 series


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