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Hold Your Breath

Take i

This is the first video in the Hold Your Breath series, and the first breakthrough into underwater projection mapping. One of the greatest memories I have of working on this project was scrambling to find a heated pool that allowed me to try this crazy idea. I was due to fly out of San Fransisco the next day, and a close friend of mine mentioned she had a pool in her backyard I could use. Shoutout to the Fletchers for making this magic happen.


It has always been a subconscious drive of mine to do things that will bring me both great struggle and great reward. It started when I became an artistic (synchronized) swimmer. It brought me immense pride to be able to experience a sport only few understand, and experience unique opportunities in every aspect of my life. When I graduated high school, I still had a need to pursue the sport I loved collegiately, which was an experience I will always treasure. However, I also had another passion: animation. Immediately, I was scrutinized and discriminated against for believing I could do both. I will never forget how heartbreaking it was to be told by my head animation professor I would have to choose between being an athlete in a sport I loved and a future without it. It was his small minded thinking that destroyed my beliefs in the school and I left devastated believing I was weaker pursuing both. When I transferred to SCAD, I was inspired by the success of the artists before me and knew that my dreams of becoming a motion graphic artist would come true. My years at SCAD were everything and more, however when the question of my senior project came, I found myself lost. If this project is meant to portray who I am and who I wish to be, why can't I think of anything? I confided in my MOME professors and told them of my struggle. They said, create something you would be proud of, create something you are passionate about, and create something you love. I would like to dedicate this project to the MOME professors at SCAD, especially John Colette and Michael Bentancort, for having open minds and believing in my crazy idea. I realized I was right where I was meant to be, and everything I had been working towards my entire life had been leading up to this. I was going to combine my two passions, artistic swimming and motion graphics. F*ck anybody who said it wasn't possible. 

Visit Hold Your Breath: Take II to see my final senior project, an award winner of CoMotion 2020.

Performance by Maya Plotniskaya

Software : Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects

Equipment : GoPro 7, LG CinBeam PH550

Photo prints of this project can be purchased here.


Project Backstory

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