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Disney Plus Streaming

Brand ID

Growing up, I loved to watch Disney movies. While The Incredibles is my all time favorite, and I never get tired of rewatching the Star Wars Trilogies, the amount of nostalgia I received from creating this project was unpredicted. With the November 2019 release of the Disney Plus streaming service, we once again gave all our money to Disney so that we could relive those childhood memories. Generations of movies and shows all in one place and now accessible through an app. No more The Little Mermaid on VCR, that's for sure.

My goal for this project was to create a brand ID that emphasizes on the great collection of stories and characters available on Disney Plus. I wanted to create a cinematic introduction to the history of Disney storytelling, with the idea that it is portable and in an app. 

The mask tool was strong with this one. The video is comprised of many recordings of Disney films, masked in their own "app". As the camera slowly pans outward to reveal more clips, the more overwhelming it becomes, therefore filling the viewer with nostalgia, priming 

them for what they're about to experience. The score from the 2002 Disney film, Treasure Planet, accompanies the sequence, invoking a sense of discovery and excitement.

Disney has always excelled in creating a memorable experience for their viewer; through film, music, animation, and themed entertainment. I hope that they would be proud of what I have created. 


Software : Adobe After Effects, Photoshop

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